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  1. Assist the teacher during daily activities in the pre-school program

  2. Read to the children during the morning hours 9-11 am this is for preschool children

  3. Create Special events for the children such as: Book drives, Sports mini-Olympics, Arts & Crafts , Toy drives, food drives, etc.

  4. Tutoring for school age children

  5. Special Interest Clubs for school age such as coding, cooking, sports, dance etc.

  6. Assisting with maintenance projects such as painting, cleaning etc.

  7. Assist during school recess with field trips

  8. The contact person is:

Jorge Luis Alvarez - Centro Mater East 

(305) 545-6049

Sylvia Santiago - Centro Mater West (305) 357-439

Volunteer Opportunities: About Us
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